Just a random post that got me thinking about the gender bias stemmed deep inside all of us.

Someone went through the people and accounts I follow on Instagram. He wrote to me saying that he’s surprised at some of the accounts I follow. I was equally surprised and asked what did you find so surprising. He says some accounts you follow seem to have adult content….. Adult jokes.. these are ok for boys but for a girl to follow these was surprising.

Oh! I thought am I not an adult? Of course but still girls don’t follow such accounts. Yeah, I thought why not?

Are we judging girls who see adult content?

Are we still naïve to believe that girls don’t see adult content?

And why is it ok for boys to see adult content and not girls?

If adult content is bad it should be for both genders. Why this demarcation for boys and girls?

Gender bias starts early in our lives with little things even at home,most of the time it is done unknowingly.

Girls are considered weaker sex. Is that bad? Looking at the present scenario should all boys not be taught to protect girls?

Or have we made our girls independent and self reliant but forgot to teach our boys how to deal with these progressive girls?

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This is where we….in our own families draw lines which are bold nd black for girls and are invisible for boys because we have full acceptance for the concept called “Men will be men”…’s not only the men world which needs to be understanding the gender equality…..our world of women also needs to be more understanding and open towards the choices of other women….thanks for sharing !

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Oh absolutely. We always have different pages in the same book for both boys and girls. And since you just pointed it out, we are even unwilling to accept that women have hormones, that they are as human as men. So so glad you brought this up. We mostly like to hush it up.

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