So we are a generation that has seen the transition from no mobiles to all mobiles. Now the mobile is the lord. I remember we had clearly marked “zones”, “areas” for everything. You wanted to read news there was newspaper, you wanted to see news there was TV, you listen to songs on the music system…. now, well there is an app for everything. Ever heard of alarm clock? It was a device we set up each night to get up the next day… now you have the mobile. I still remember the landline numbers of my school friends because we memorised them so we could dial when we needed to call, or wrote them in our phone books. Now you save it in the contacts and forget about the numbers. You search for the name in the contact list. I don’t remember my husband’s phone number, but that’s a good thing. I’m sure he doesn’t remember mine.

Then came a deluge of ‘apps’ to let you stay in touch with your friends. The very first that I remember was Orkut – heard of it?? Well, it didn’t take long for FB to take over. It became a virtual town and everyone spent cosiderable time there. And then there has been no stopping. I don’t even remember or recognise half the apps that allow you to connect with people. Going through the app store one day I chanced to stumble upon Instagram.

My younger friends were all praises for it and encouraged me to open an “account” on Instagram. The naïve me believed that only banks did that. OK a name was selected and my account was opened. The first thing to do was to select a “DP”…. display picture if you may. I’m not very photogenic and am actually very camera shy. So they nudged me to click a selfie. “Oh horrible”, I thought. “Pout!”, they said, “sorry, that’s not happening”, said I. Finally we managed to get it right, whatever that was. “So I put it up now?” “NO!!! It has to go through filters”. Remove blemishes-check, Remove dark circles-check, smoothen-check, and so it went on till it was insta ready. Finally it was uploaded and to my surprise people actually started following me!! I started receiving messages from absolute strangers telling me their names age etc. Some said they loved how I look… of course I loved the edited me too. Wow! it looked like a dating app entirely different from what I was told it was all about. Of course I chose to ignore most requests .

But underneath all this drama I thought, how desperate the present generation seems for quick gratification and also for approval I guess. You choose a fake image of yourself, fake name, fake identity just to impress a random stranger. I cannot comprehend this. Many of them seem to be living all new lives on Instagram where you present a false image of yourself.

We looked for approval too, we too had crushes and first loves, but as far as I can remember it was by seeing the actual person infront of us, not his edited image. We saw how he moved, spoke, smiled and laughed and that took our breath away. Remember the song Ik ladki ko dekha to aisa laga… See the crux ladki ko dekha.. dp ko nahi. If we liked a person we went and spoke to him… not text. Speaking tells so much about the kind of person you are. I bet all the love stories that are carried on by texting would wither away if they had to actually stand infront of each other and speak. I may be totally wrong though… hopefully.

I fail to understand why people need to put up a front and show the world what you are not? Will hiding behind all these filters actually bring any happiness? Is a lie not scared of being exposed at all times or have we come to a point where we have begun to believe in all that we put out there to be true? I do not connect with this kind of projected images and cannot fathom the reason for others to do the same. What I have put up is all fake I know that, then how am I to believe what you are showing me is true or even near truth.

I think I’m from a world where human interactions still hold good. Love, fight, hate, whatever, it has to be personal. Talking one on one, not texting and certainly not by falling in love with a dp.

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