Oreo!! He’s the baby of our family. Everyone loves him so much that he’s allowed to do pretty much anything he wants. He’s a spoilt brat totally and none of us would want to change that. I don’t think he comprehends that he is not human. Well, he’s not an alien either. He’s our little beagle and he changed so many things in our family right from the day he came.

He makes all of us smile – a lot right from the day he landed in our house in a shoe box. A tiny little thing and all of us were “Aww” and smiling. We smiled when he opened his eyes, we smiled when he tried to walk but slipped. When he ate, drank, even when he went potty outside we smiled. We patted him and smiled, he sat in our laps we smiled, he ran away with our sock and chewed our shoes, we still just smile. He has all of us wrapped around his fingers or tiny paws. We might believe we are the masters but I’m sure he knows he pretty much runs the show.WHEN I WAS A PUPPY

Everything he does makes all of us talk in weird ‘dog language’ so to say. Something like, “Mom just look at this cute little sweet cutie pie face which I want to eat because he is such a bad little dog who is just sooo good and cute and I love him so much…..”. What language is that. Certainly not English, just some long unending sentences because he is your dog and he is just oh so cute.I AM THE CUTEST

And of course he is the smartest dog that there is. Period. No other dog is as smart as him. He shakes paw when he likes, he sleeps on his bed when he likes, he plays fetch when he likes. See he has a mind of his own. He’s smart and does only the things he wants to do.I AM THE SMARTEST

Another thing ALL pet parents know is, you can’t avoid your pet sleeping on your bed. Sooner or later he’s there. I kind of feel lonely if Oreo is not curled up at my feet or not sleeping on my legs.THAT IS MY BED

The greatest benefit I saw was when my children learnt compassion. They don’t shout and scream at him like they do at each other. If he chews their shoe they are quick to react “I left it there, it’s my fault. I left it where he could find it. Poor Oreo is not at fault.” If he tears off their favourite book, “Poor dog must have been hungry. You can’t blame him. You are not feeding him enough.” They never ever hit him. Wish they showed the same compassion to each other. They’ve learnt to treat street dogs better as well. They no longer hurl stones at them and stop others from doing the same.WE ARE FAMILY

All of us have learnt to let go too. Not only let go of our physical things which he continuously destroys, but let go off our anger too. He just destroyed the pillow and the cotton is all over the place. So you chastise him, he sits in a corner, and you clean up. Then you look at him and feel guilty for having shouted at the poor cute little dog. You hug him, rub his belly and he curls in your lap and everything goes back to normal.HOW DO YOU IGNORE THIS ♥️

My children have become more responsible. My son comes back from his football game early because he has to walk Oreo. My daughter put things away because she does not want Oreo to choke on them. And none of us can bear to leave him alone more than a couple of hours. We begin to get uneasy thinking what he must be thinking when all of us are away. Him wagging and jumping with joy when we get back is worth everything.

Oreo is a little miracle worker. Because of him we now watch all cute little dog videos and laugh and enjoy. Every cute look from him (believe me there are many) makes you stop all work and run for the camera. Eventually Oreo owns more space than anyone of us. He makes you fall in love more and more everyday because that’s what he is. All love !!!OREO😍

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Beautiful… I can relate to each word… my fur baby is very endearing to me… He fills up my life with so much love, sparkle n sunshine…. Love u spartan😘🤗

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